Respiratory therapist with patient

About the Pre-Respiratory疗法 Program


Respiratory therapists specialize in the treatment and care of patients with breathing disorders such as asthma, 肺气肿, 和肺炎. Patients range from premature infants with underdeveloped lungs to elderly patients with chronic lung disease. Respiratory therapists perform pulmonary function tests and arterial blood gas analysis. They administer oxygen therapy, bronchodilator medications, and mechanical ventilation to support patients’ breathing. They also provide emergency care to patients suffering from heart attacks, drowning, or shock. Learn more about this career. 


Two Paths to become a Respiratory Therapist

PATH 1 – 学生 in the pre-respiratory therapy program at the 内布拉斯加大学 at Kearney may receive a Bachelor of Science Degree in Applied 健康科学 from bet36365体育 after satisfactory completion of 85 semester hours of pre-respiratory therapy and a 12-month clinical year at Nebraska Methodist College. 学生 in the Nebraska Methodist College’s respiratory therapy clinical program will complete their training in Kearney at Good Samaritan Hospital.

PATH 2 – 学生 may enter the profession by pursuing a master’s degree program after completion of a bachelor’s degree in any discipline at bet36365体育. 学生 may receive a Master’s Degree in Respiratory Care from the 内布拉斯加大学 Medical Center (UNMC) through a 21-month graduate program at the Omaha or 卡尼校园. This program offers more advanced training and a larger scope of practice for professionals.


100% Acceptance Rate to Respiratory Therapy Clinical Programs

13% Projected Employment Growth

2022年到2032年 根据 U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Acceptance into a respiratory therapy professional clinical training program is competitive and not guaranteed. Admission is based on GPA, 考试成绩, 推荐信, 接受采访时, 文章, shadowing and medical experience, and other extra-curricular activities. Our dedicated advisors will guide and equip students to excel in these areas. 除了, 班级规模更小, 高级教师, and unique learning experiences such as research opportunities will give you an advantage. bet36365体育 students in the pre-respiratory therapy program have a phenomenal acceptance rate showcasing our commitment to excellence.


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