Shift into a school counseling career

This blended program prepares you for school counseling careers where you will work directly with students as a support system for both academic guidance and preventive or responsive services. 通过这个项目, you will gain an understanding of guidance curriculums, 学生个人计划, 特殊人口需要, ethics and policies in school counseling, and intervention techniques for counseling positions in elementary or secondary school settings.

The bet36365体育 School 咨询 Master of Science in 教育 (Elementary PK-8; Secondary 7-12) Degree program prepares graduates to be an important part of the educational leadership team and to provide valuable assistance to students. The Nebraska Department of 教育 Rule 24 provides a non- teacher pathway allowing professionals with any undergraduate degree (no longer limited to teacher education majors) to become school counselors by taking 12 graduate credit hours of online, teacher educator field-based training in addition to completing a master’s degree in School 咨询.

Prerequisites: Bachelor’s degree in any field (non-education degree requires completion of additional courses toward a School 咨询 Endorsement)

Career Opportunities with a Masters in School 咨询

Employment of school counselors is projected to grow 13% 2016年至2026年. The median annual wage for school counselors was $55,410 2017年5月.

  • 小学辅导员
  • 中学辅导员
  • 高中辅导员

"I think what we see in schools is an increased kind of need for mental and emotional interventions to achieve academic development, so those school counselors are very needed. They would kind of be that first line of mental health work to help students achieve what they would like to achieve and do those early interventions. They also provide referrals to outside counselors and kind of collaborate with them when there's more major mental illness or long-term persistent stuff going on. There's absolutely a need and it's growing and growing"


Assistant Professor, 咨询 and School Psychology


Nationally accredited by the Council for the 认证 of Educator Preparation ensuring the highest educational and professionals standards. Approved by the Nebraska Department of 教育 for School Counselor Endorsement.

*bet36365体育投注s are eligible for NE School Counselor Endorsement after successfully passing the Praxis School Counselor Assessment.


A graduate degree helps you advance your career by qualifying for higher positions with additional leadership opportunities. The median salary for those with master’s degrees is 16% higher than for those with an undergraduate degree, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.